About Us

Our Chief Experience Officer, Danielle Lewis, was 14 when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and 16 when she died. It devastated her. Rocked her to her very core. It was that same year, she developed acute full body eczema. After going to the doctor, she was wrongly diagnosed as having an allergy to pollen. About two years of suffering depression, disappointment and grief over the loss of her mom and a mysterious skin ailment, she developed food allergies.

It was at that moment she decided to do something about her life. Her fear of somehow getting the cancer her mom had and living a life of allergies threw her into a few months of diet experimentation, beauty product's clean out and deeper research into what toxins nurture dis-ease.

After months of searching, she found ways to eat healthier and substitute her beauty staples for all natural options! In the spring of 2013, she launched the PURE NAIL LACQUER brand to serve those suffering with allergies, skin ailments etc as a 5 free, highly pigmented option to those polishes that contained toxic ingredients. In the summer of 2017, she expanded the brand to include a more wholistic approach for women, and men, that seek to embrace their luxurious, God given, glow, inside and out. Hence the birth of Pura Luxe.